Maxx Flush™ Kit 3






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Introducing our Mushroom Grow Kit, the perfect solution for anyone interested in cultivating their own mushrooms at home. This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to kickstart your mushroom-growing adventure.

Inside the kit, you will find (6) one-pound ryeberry bags, each equipped with a convenient self-healing injection port. This innovative feature simplifies the inoculation process, allowing you to easily introduce the desired mushroom spores or mycelium into the bags. The ryeberry bags have been carefully selected to provide an optimal growing environment for your mushrooms, ensuring healthy and vigorous growth.

To further enhance your mushroom cultivation experience, our grow kit also includes (3) five-pound portion of pasteurized substrate. This substrate serves as the foundation for your mushroom growth, providing all the necessary nutrients and moisture to support robust mushroom development. Each batch of our mushroom substrate is meticulously prepared through a meticulous pasteurization process to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Our Mushroom Grow Kit is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced growers alike. Whether you're new to mushroom cultivation or a seasoned enthusiast, this kit offers a user-friendly and reliable solution for successful mushroom growth.
HDS Kit 3  contains 
(6) sterilized 1 lb rye berry bags
(3) 5 lbs pasteurized CVG mushroom substrates.