I'm new to growing mushrooms. Where should I start?

Jumping into mushroom growing? Sweet! Here’s the quick lowdown to get you rolling: Hit the Books (or YouTube): Quick peek into mushroom basics. It’s not just dirt and seeds; mushrooms are their own kind of magic. Grab a Maxx Flush™ Grow Bag: Seriously, it’s the cheat code for beginners. Just add your mushroom culture, and you’re golden. No mess, no fuss. Patience is Your Pal: Mushrooms march to the beat of their own drum. Watch, wait, and enjoy the show. Community is Key: Got questions or need a high-five? Mushroom folks are super friendly. Check out forums or local groups here at Mycelium OutletThere you have it! Keep it chill, have fun, and welcome to the fungi family! 


What makes the Maxx Flush™ All in One Mushroom Grow Bag so amazing?

Join the mushroom magic with us! The Maxx Flush™ All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag is your ticket to growing those awesome dung-loving mushrooms – just bring your spores to the mix! Each bag is packed with our special blend of sterilized grain and substrate, not to mention the handy guides and video tutorials we've thrown in. It’s all about keeping your grow journey safe and super straightforward. Just pop your spores or liquid culture into the bag and chill while 3-4 rounds of lush mushrooms sprout up right inside! No more throwing cash down the drain or playing the contamination game with monotubs or grow tubs. Our all-in-one mushroom spawn bag, substrate, and fruiting chamber combo is here to save your time, your wallet, and your peace of mind. Cultivating mushrooms at home? We've made it easy-peasy for everyone. 

Check out this grow bag that lets your mushrooms pop up right inside! Say bye-bye to messing with flow hoods, monotubs, and those pesky contamination dramas. Our bag’s all about making mushroom growing a breeze! You can grow all sorts of dung-loving mushroom types with this! What’s in the mix? Only the good stuff: Premium Compost, Millet, Coco Coir, Gypsum, and Vermiculite.

And about keeping it fresh – the sooner, the better! But no worries, it'll hang tight for a few months as long as you keep it cool and away from that bright, sunny spot.



What makes the Maxx Flush™ Sterilized Grain with Lightning Colonization Technique so amazing?

Packing over years of growing genius, we've zapped our grain spawn into overdrive with our slick Lightning Colonization Technology! We tossed a bit of hardwood oak dust into the grain bag pre-sterilization. Give it a shake when it’s about 15-20% colonized, and boom – those wood fibers scatter and turbocharge the colonization rate, leaving competitors in the dust by up to 25%!

Ingredients? Only the finest: 100% USA Grown Millet & Hardwood Oak.

Shelf life's a breeze – dive in ASAP for the best experience. But, if life gets in the way, it’ll chill for a few months, just keep it cool and out of the sunbeam spotlight. And for the fungi you’re inviting over? This is prime real estate for both wood lovers and dung enthusiasts. 


What makes the mushroom Substrate so interesting?


After epic years in the mushroom biz, we've cooked up the ultimate recipe for the highest yielding, most kick-ass potent, and straight-up profitable mushrooms out there! We're all about the premium stuff, mixing up the best ingredients for that perfect colonization speed and monster yields. For the dung-loving mushroom fans, we've got a killer mix: Premium Compost, Coco Coir, Gypsum, Vermiculite. And for the wood enthusiasts? Maxx Flush™ Pasteurized Substrate is something you should probably check!

Shelf life's a dream – stash it right, and you’ve got a solid 6 months of prime time! Let's grow some magic!


Do you work with commercial growers or retailers?

Hey there! Working with commercial growers or retailers? Or maybe you're scaling up your mushroom biz? Maxx Flush™ All in one mushroom grow bag is here to zap away 99% of the headaches commercial growers run into. Fancy a chat? Hit us up for a free consultation with our mycologist. Let’s grow your business together!